In eastern culture invitation wedding cards are printed papers that are made and distributed to invite guests to the wedding ceremony and to honour and commemorate the wedding of two people. Especially Indian people still remembers the olden days of customs of inviting people with lots of love and respect. So invitation is a great importance in the Indian subcontinent, and are known through several names such as Thirumana Alaipithal, Kalyana Pathirikai, Nimantran Patra, Lagnapatrika, Kankotri and more. These invitation cards are used for announcing the marriage ceremony and this process of sending an invitation card to guests and relatives forms an integral part of the ritual. Simultaneously, these cards are famous throughout India for their unique patterns, colors and symbols. The presence of these different elements in a marriage card makes it appropriate for the matrimonial ceremony, and without it the event would be considered incomplete.

These wedding cards are designed with various gemstones, Kundan's, ribbon's and precious jewels to give, what some would call graceful grace to their particular matrimonial ceremony. While purchasing or selecting marriage invitation cards, it is necessary to keep in mind certain basic points like wedding theme, quality of the paper used, budget and more.

Indian weddings are usually a large gathering wherein each and every family members along with their friends attend and enjoy the whole celebration. In this culture, wedding is regarded as one of the most auspicious occasion and which is not just the weaving of two persons rather it is a ceremony of unification of two families with the same culture and traditions. The whole function marks a new beginning in the life of the bride and groom along with their family members. The wedding ceremony is performed for at least 2 to 3 days and during this time different types of ceremonies are performed and main significance is given to spiritual matters.

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